January 08, 2021

Launceston Airport welcomes latest COVID protection measures

Launceston Airport acknowledges the new COVID protection measures for the aviation sector agreed by National Cabinet today.

Mask mandates for all Australian airports, as well as on board international flights and for passengers in international airports pre-departure, will be just one key measure that will bring a consistent, nationwide standard to the sector’s defence against the virus.

Launceston Airport CEO, Hans van Pelt said nationally consistent standards would reduce complexity for passengers and airlines, with the resulting simplicity improving health outcomes on the ground.

“We’ve been in constant discussion with airlines throughout the pandemic and if there’s been one clear message we’ve heard throughout it’s the desire for a consistent, achievable approach right across the Australian market,” said Mr van Pelt.

“We’re pleased that some of the measures we’ve seen implemented in Victoria will now become the national standard.

“Even something as simple as wearing a mask now being mandated across all Australian airports will make a huge difference to traveller confidence in facilities across the country.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to remind anyone travelling through Launceston Airport, or our sister airport in Melbourne, that you are now required to wear a mask while you’re in the airport and while you’re on your flight. In addition, we encourage everyone visiting our airports to make use of our hand sanitiser stations and bathroom facilities to maintain good hand hygiene, and to use whatever QR code or contact tracing apps are appropriate for the airport or city you’re visiting,” said Mr van Pelt.

Passengers are advised to check the status of their flight by visiting the Launceston Airport website (https://www.launcestonairport.com.au/) for an up-to-date flight schedule, or contacting their airline directly.


For further information contact Launceston Airport - (03) 6391 6222

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