Register of Building Applications

Information about application for building activities at Launceston Airport


Land use planning and building control at Launceston Airport is regulated by the Airports Act 1996 (Act). All building approvals for construction activity on the Launceston Airport site are issued under Commonwealth law. Regulations have been made pursuant to the Airports Act, and these regulations dealing with the approval of building activities are the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996.

Building or other construction activities can only be carried out after approval has been obtained from the Airport Building Controller (ABC) for Launceston Airport. The Regulations set out the way in which applications are made for approval of building activities, as well as the matters the ABC considers before an approval is issued. The contact details for the ABC can be provided from Launceston Airport.

Before building activity is commenced on Launceston Airport land, a permit under the provisions of the Airports Act 1996 and Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996 must be obtained from the ABC.

A building activity is defined as:

  • Construction of Buildings and other structures such as bridges, fences, pylons
  • Alterations to a building and other structures
  • Construction or altering of earthworks (when not part of the construction of a building or other structure)
  • Installation, alteration or removal of electrical, fire system, or hydraulic works
  • Demolishing or removing a building, structure, or earthworks
  • Civil works or engineering works that include works to runways, taxiways, aprons, roads, car parks, retaining walls etc.

Australian Pacific Airports (Launceston) Pty Ltd (APAL) will be the applicant for many of the building activities. However, where APAL is not the applicant for a building activity, the ABC cannot give their approval until the applicant has first obtained the consent of the Airport Lessee Company (ALC), which is APAL, for the proposed activities.

APAL will not provide its consent before it is satisfied that the to building or other construction activity at Launceston Airport is consistent with the Launceston Airport Master Plan and Environment Strategy and other requires as is applicable.

Register of Building Applications

As of 27 March 2010, Regulation 2.04A requires certain information about building applications at Launceston Airport to be published by the ALC on the Launceston Airport website. Accordingly, this information is published by APAL in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations.

Note: The "DATE SUBMITTED" is the date that the ALC received the application from the ABC if the applicant is not the ALC and is the date the application was submitted to the ABC if the applicant is the ALC.

Building Approvals Lodged with the Airport Building Controller at Launceston Airport

Project Title Name of Applicant Location of Works Description of Works Date of Submission Application Status Project Works Status
of Electric
of EV
station for
airport fleet
Not started
08/03/23In progressIncomplete
Access Control UpgradesLaunceston AirportAirport precinctUpgrade access system for entire Airport precinct.01/03/23In ProgressIn-complete
Virgin Cargo WarehouseLaunceston AirportHangar 10Construction
of new cargo
27/01/23In progressIn progress
of sections
of terminal
05/01/23In progressNot started
Optic Fibre Cyient Australia Pty Ltd Control Tower Install new optic fibre cable 3/5/22 In Progress In-Complete
Terminal EWIS Upgrade Launceston Airport Terminal Building Installation and staging of new EWIS and public address racks
and associated cabling
31/5/22 Submitted In-Complete
Terminal forecourt pedestria… Launceston Airport Front of Terminal Install new railing for passenger safety 7-Feb-22 In progress In-Complete
Terminal Building Check In a... Launceston Airport Terminal Building Expansion of check in hall and new security screening 1/9/21 Ready For Review In-Complete
Evandale Road Upgrades Dept. of State Growth Evandale Road, Western Junction Update to roads and entry into the airport 19/7/21 In Progress In-Complete
BP Underground Petroleum Sto... JBS&G Australia Pty Ltd Site 94 / Tas Aero Club Decommissioning and validation work 16/4/21 In Progress In-Complete
Perimeter Security Fencing Launceston Airport Eastern Side Boundary Replace existing perimeter fence with security fencing. 3/3/21 Awaiting Additional Information In-Complete
ARFF Fire Station fire detec... ARFF Building 3 Alterations to existing building 26/6/19 Awaiting Additional Information In-Complete
Water Treatment Plant Geotechnical Investigation Launceston Airport North eastern Section Launceston Airport property Geotechnical investigation of soil conditions by test pitting 9/8/22 Under assessment In-complete

Australia Pacific Airports (Launceston) acknowledges the First Nations people and Traditional Owners of Tasmania including the Land that Launceston Airport operates on. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all other First Nations People.