Greater Opportunities for Local Business

With 1.35 million passengers passing through Launceston Airport each year, the airport is a key media channel for many organisations wishing to promote their business to a large audience.

Internal Advertising

oOh!Media manage the high impact internal advertising thorugh out the Launceston Airport terminal. oOh!Media offer an extensive range of advertising formats including digital sites in high traffic, key areas of the airport arrivals and baggage reclaim for arriving passenger. For an innovative, dynamic and successful advertising solution, contact your oOh!Media representative today.
For more information, please contact Elise Taylor, Commercial Director – Fly (oOh! Media) at [email protected]

Outdoor Advertising

oOh!Media and Claude Group manage the outdoor advertising sites at Launceston Airport. These companies offer a range of formats including large and small billboards, along with a large format digital site - ensuring that your advertising will achieve maximum impact.
For more information on external sites (including the digital billboard), please contact Ben Harrison, Senior Business Development Manager, Claude Neon, [email protected] Phone: 0438 338 355.

Convenience Advertising

A4 advertising boards a cost effect solution for short term promotions. They are placed within the conveniences located in the terminal building.

For more information, please visit or phone (03) 9486 0233.

Tourism Brochure Exchange

Ensure your company’s information is available to visitors. The general brochure stand is regularly restocked with the latest information. Don’t miss out.

For more information, please visit or phone (03) 6274 1266.

Photography & Filming

All filming or stills photography at Launceston Airport must receive written approval from the designated authority at Launceston Airport at least two weeks prior to the requested date of the shoot.  Media filming requests are exempt from this rule, however require notification of attendance at Launceston Airport by calling (03) 6391 6222

Safety and Security

Launceston Airport is committed to maintaining quality safety and security at the Airport and may decline the use of the Airport to film or photograph for safety, security or operational reasons.

Launceston Airport reserves the right to refuse permission to any organisation or person, or to place restrictions on any organisation or person, to film or photograph at the Airport. It is therefore important that these guidelines and in particular the Terms and Conditions listed below are complied with.

Permitted Locations

Filming requests will be considered according to:

  • the type of filming or photography proposed
  • the potential impact on airport operations including but not limited to aircraft, passenger, luggage and vehicle movements
  • the potential impact on our airline partners, tenants and customers
  • the proposed purpose or use of the footage/imagery
  • the day, time, duration and size of the shoot
  • any OH&S implications

All requests to film must be made by filling out the application form (available below) at least two weeks prior to the requested filming date.

Fee Schedule For Filming Applications

The Launceston Airport filming fee schedule has been determined based on the level of required organisation prior to the shoot and facilitation on the day.

  • Photography (still) terminal: $100 each hour (plus GST)
  • Photography (still) airside: $300 first hour (plus GST), $100 (plus GST) each hour thereafter
  • Filming terminal: $200 first hour (plus GST), $100 (plus GST) each hour thereafter
  • Filming airside: $300 first hour (plus GST), $100 (plus GST) each hour thereafter

Should specific Launceston Airport personal or services be required to undertake the activity, a further fee may be levied. Depending on location and duration of the activity, an additional fee may also be imposed to cover the additional deployment of security or safety personnel.

Airline Partners and tenants will not be charged for filming whether for internal or advertising purposes.

Please direct your film and photography enquires or requests to: [email protected] or phone (03) 6391 6222

Download the Launceston Airport Filming & Photography Form

Media Parking

Guidelines for all filming on-site at Launceston Airport:

We require prior notice of all media on-site at Launceston Airport. This should be done by calling prior to arrival. If you would like to film airline staff or check-in procedures you must contact the airline directly. If the airline’s consent is not obtained, permission from Launceston Airport to film these areas will not be granted.

There must be no filming of security staff or procedures under any circumstances.

Media parking

For television crews, radio and print media, please park in the short term car park opposite the terminal building.

Non compliance

Please note that failure to comply with these conditions may result in fines being incurred and/or towing of your vehicle.

Australia Pacific Airports (Launceston) acknowledges the First Nations people and Traditional Owners of Tasmania including the Land that Launceston Airport operates on. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all other First Nations People.