Provide a Safe Workplace for all Users

Launceston Airport (APAL) and its tenants engage Contractors to perform a variety of different tasks from time to time.

It is of the utmost importance to ensure that we provide a safe workplace for Contractors and that they are fully aware of all the relevant safety, environment and operational requirements at the airport. This will ensure that we can maintain the safety and integrity of the airport, the environment and all airport users.

This process applies to all types of contractors who are engaged to perform work at the airport. The documents below explain the contractor management procedure at Launceston Airport.

These requirements shall be achieved by:

Contractor Monthly Safety Report

This form is for Launceston external contractors/third parties to lodge a Monthly Safety Report (to the APAC Safety team) reporting on the number and types of incidents over the past 30 days (Lagging Indicators) and number of Safety Inspections planned, hazards reported, closed out, etc (Leading Indicators).

Use the form below to report an Incident or Hazard identified at Launceston Airport

Contractor Monthly Safety Report

Incident/Hazard Public Form

This form is for all airport users including the general public, external contractors and third-party operators to log safety incidents, positive safety interventions and hazards identified at Launceston Airport.

Use the form below to report an Incident or Hazard identified at Launceston Airport

Report an Incident or Hazard

Before Starting Work at Launceston Airport

The following steps will need to be followed for a contractor to begin work at Launceston Airport.

1. Provide notice to Launceston Airport:

Contractors must provide 24-hours’ advance notice of their intention to work at the airport. The notification will need to include a brief description of the planned works. Contact us via phone or email with this information.

2. Complete Online Contractor Induction and Provide Company Insurance:

All contractors must complete an induction before being granted permission to commence any work within the airport precinct (including inside buildings). Business insurance must also be provided.

Follow the below steps to complete the online contractor induction and provide business insurance details:

Step 1

The first individual of any contractor’s business to be inducted must follow this link to register their business information:

Once the information has been uploaded (including insurance details), select the “Complete Induction” button at the bottom of the text box.

Step 2

Once a business is registered individuals can then register and complete their induction at this link:

3. Provide Safety Risk Assessment:

All contractor work on site requires a risk assessment (such as a JSA or SWMS). The risk assessment must be specific to the work being undertaken at the airport and will be assessed on site prior to work approval being provided.

For further information or to discuss works at Launceston Airport, please contact us.

Australia Pacific Airports (Launceston) acknowledges the First Nations people and Traditional Owners of Tasmania including the Land that Launceston Airport operates on. We pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging and extend that respect to all other First Nations People.